LOBO: the Hunted and the Hunter

Created by Daniel A. Becker

The true story, 65-page graphic novel of a cunning wolf, a tireless hunter, and his legacy of redemption.

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over 1 year ago – Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 01:38:41 PM

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Spot light on some other great projects and THE FINAL WEEK!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jul 03, 2022 at 07:13:48 PM


The final last 5-days are upon us, and I don't know about you...but I'm VERY excited to see our Kickstarter come to an end.  Though its been a great success (and still time to score a few more backers!), its also a LOT of hard work, and has taken a toll on me.  But soon enough, all can be wrapped up and I can get back to doing what I usually do best:  COMICS.

As proof, here's a quick shot of development for some of the new pages.  If you're not familiar with my process, I do a 'rough' layout of the artwork for the page in Photoshop, with color-coded layers so I can associate foreground, midground, and background elements easier.  Others do things differently, but I've found that this process works well for me.

When I'm using a 'white' border, I've found it necessary to put a non-white color in the background in order to help me understand and properly use the active space of the panel.  This border becomes evident when the artwork is eventually colored (also in Photoshop.  Its ALL done in Photoshop).

I also pay specific attention to where text SHOULD go, not just where it can be tacked onto the artwork.  You'll notice a box with a '2' in the above picture.  This text COULD go anywhere in this panel, but I'm specifically choosing to (eventually) put it between these two panels.  This serves as a way to connect action and moments of the story together using the narrative of the story.  

The art of good lettering is often overlooked, and how (and where) you use the narrative of the story to compliment the artwork can be tricky.  If done right, it should create a flawless, easy flow of the story, where you forget your reading a comic and are instead truly experiencing the visual story.  This is the 'magic' of graphic storytelling.  

I'll be posting updates like this from time to time as proof that, indeed, the graphic novel you've pledged for is being completed.  BUT!!!...I don't want to spoil the great scenes and pages that I've got planned, so you wont be seeing everything.  You'll just have to be patient for the final experience when its all finished up (tentatively in NOVEMBER).

Other great projects to check out:

As usual, I try to shine a little light on other projects I think people would like, and that I myself have personally pledged to.  I recently came across the outstanding and beautiful work of Uros Savic in his graphic novel, "Journey of a Troubled Mind".  Uros's graphic novel/picturebook is 'inspired by classic fantasy novels, mythology, pop art, stories such as Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, and many more. Text and artwork work hand-in-hand to create a unique allegory. On the surface, it appears as a typical fairy tale about the hero’s journey. However, there is much more hiding between these pages. It is a diary of the unconscious mind, sort of a mirror for a shadow side of human nature. The underlying structure overlaps with the concepts of collective archetypes, mentioned first in the works of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.'

I'm a BIG nerd for the psychology of myths and stories, why people love them, need them in their daily lives.   Its amazing to learn about the universalities that cultures around the world share when it comes to myths and our vision of ourselves as heroes, monsters, and Gods.  He explores this pantheon of the mind with extraordinary artworks that's part surrealist hallucination, and part primal human psyche (perhaps the two are not so different?).  

Find it HERE:

Shield Breaker, Issue #2

Fellow Aussie comic creator Mickey Scott continues on with this hit Viking saga, "Shield Breaker".  'Join Tyra Karlsdottir's journey as she takes part in her first battles and raids, aided by the mysterious spirit trapped in her sword, will lead you down that path. Follow Tyra as she discovers what it really means to go a-viking and is forced to choose her own path in this 33-page chapter in the Shieldbreaker Saga.'

Not only a comic book creator, Mickey Scott was a viking recreator in one of the largest viking historical organisations, with some of the most knowledgeable researchers, in the world.  Much of this saga is about trying to capture the authenticity of Viking culture and history, as well and telling a great story with raw Viking battles!

Find the comic book here:


If you're more into non fiction, then I recommend "Asral: A Borderland Tale".  'Arsal is a small Lebanese village on the border with Syria. A tiny black hole that without much written record has been the epicentre of events with national and regional repercussions. While searching, you will find little about this town suspended between Lebanese identity and Syrian soul. Arsal had experienced many changes, from a border junction and passage of traffic - not always lawful - until it assumed its multifaceted and changing identity. Its location, on the arid Jurd plateau, is strategic on the one hand but tragic on the other, considering the difficult living conditions from challenging weather conditions to the socio-political neglect by the central government.'

This project aims to transcribe the story of Arsal as told by its inhabitants, and it's the result of three years of research and numerous field visits.  The graphic novel was chosen as a mean of dissemination to reach a wider audience and to talk about a story that would otherwise remain relegated to an exclusively journalistic or possibly academic sphere. The use of drawing, on the other hand, will allow greater expressiveness and comprehensibility of a complex story, which is set in an intricate and pluralist context, as the Lebanese one.

You can find it here:

That's all for this week!  ONLY 5-days left to go!  Once again, any extra effort on your wonderful behalf is always appreciated.  Sharing with friends via an email, socials post, or even shouting from a rooftop does a lot to continue helping this project come to life.  And of course, THANK YOU for your support!


Daniel ~

over 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 28, 2022 at 09:06:40 PM


Thank you all so incredibly much!  Thanks to a rush of more enthusiastic supporters, we not only reached out funding goal, but we're already exceeding it!  There's still 10-days left to go, which means there's JUST enough time to try and hit our second stretch goal, the highly prized and legendary... DIE CUT STICKER.  

Mystery shrouds the illusive Die-Cut Sticker.  Some say it is myth.  Others say it is because Daniel hasn't yet come up with a design for it yet.  We may never know for sure...unless we hit that stretch goal.  At the rate we're going (currently $7,930), that shouldn't be too long!

As a way of saying thanks to all you fantastic people, we're going to do a quick victory lap in the only way appropriate: some images of damn cute wolf pups.

*phew*!  Ok, moving on...

With 10-days left, we're calling on friends, fans, and supporters to make one last call out to all who may be interested to secure their exclusive copy of this graphic novel before time runs out.  That extra little bit of help goes a long way, and at this point we're only trying to get as much exposure as we can, and just let people decide if they're into it or not.  We're also running some ads on Facebook and Instagram, but word of mouth tends to be the best way to get exposure.  

As always, THANK YOU!!!

Now, to get started searching for that illusive die-cut sticker design...


Daniel A. Becker~

85% and counting, the wolf pack sounds off, and a few projects to highlight...
over 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 01:46:12 AM

The hunt for new backers continues, with another good week that see's us getting ever closer to our funding objective!  We've managed to enlist the help from the public and fellow backers in spreading the word about this book, and for that we're EXTRAORDINARILY grateful!!!  THANK YOU ALL for your support so far!  Still 17-days left to go, so your help spreading the word will really help us get over the line.

Some extra exciting news:  Thanks to Robert, we'll be receiving some special shout-outs from a few wolf sanctuaries.  We truly believe in the great work these groups do, most of which is supported through public donations, so we're happy and eager to shine some light on them as well.

Wolfwood Refuge in Colorado will be *ahem* HOWLING about our graphic novel to their supporters.  WolfWood is dedicated to protecting the welfare of wolves and wolfdogs, and promoting an understanding of these animals in the hope of dispelling fear and opening the way for a healthy relationship between humans and wolves.  They provide a safe haven and the highest quality of life possible for these special needs animals.  They engage in rescue and rehabilitation, not breeding and selling. They work with other animal organizations around the country to save wolves and wolf/dogs that otherwise would die.  Consider checking out their good work and possibly becoming a donor to help rehabilitate and rescue wolves.

White Wolf Sanctuary  in Oregon will also being lending their voice to the call.  White Wolf Sanctuary is located in a coastal mountain setting of Oregon near the small town of Tidewater. The wolves live in enclosed, spacious natural habitats where they run as freely as possible. These habitats includes ponds, shelters, trees and meadows. There are currently eleven wolves at the sanctuary. They serve as ambassadors for their wild cousins in order help raise awareness and give insight into the lives of one of natures most interesting animals.  You can help by adopting a wolf and helping to continue their great work.

If there's a conservation or wolf sanctuary that you think would be interested in our graphic novel, let us know or better yet, let them know about us,  we're eager and happy to work with them and help as much as we can.

Awesome projects to check out:

Lastly, here's a few other comic book projects that I think are worth mentioning.  

In general, I love a good story, but I'm also partial to some excellent FANTASY books or comics.  A. Guardian, Vol. I & II definitely fits the bill.  This is an epic, dark fantasy comic book series created by Eastin DeVerna (writer/story) and Kay Baird (artist/story).  The mysterious Tomb of Livia rests high in the Windy Mountains of the Middle Kingdom of Kanoc. It has been protected for centuries by Aylward, an ancient and stoic, axe-wielding guardian of unknown origin.  Yeah, I'm in...

Just look at this ARTWORK!!!!

I don't always judge a book by its art....BUUUUUUT....when it hits this good, its hard not to get on board.

Lastly is this little gem.  BIRD WITH STICK  is a classic, magic-infused, fantasy tale of good versus evil. But, it also reveals how our perspective of the two can sometimes become blurred due to fear of the unknown. Readers of all ages will witness the dangers of implicit biases and unjust internment. Hopefully this prompts some personal reflection in the minds of adult readers, and encourages younger readers to discuss these topics with their peers, parents, and teachers.

The art is simple yet perfect, and who doesn't like a heart-felt adventure story, especially with birds?!

That's all, folks!  Thanks again, be well, and carry on.


100 BACKERS = First Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 17, 2022 at 02:10:58 PM


We've unlocked the first of our Stretch goals.  Though there's still a road to travel to hit that funding goal, its great to see that we've already enlisted the help of 100 people.  For that, the unofficial Official Soundtrack to "LOBO: the Hunted and the Hunter" Playlist will be available for EVERYONE to enjoy on Spotify.  Over 2-hours of dreamy, ethereal compositions to maximize the reading experience for this graphic novel.

Artists include American composer John Luthor Adams, Chihei Hatakeyama, Courtney Hartman, North Americans, Danny Paul Grody, Johnny Greenwood, Bitchin Bajas, and many others.  This curated playlist is a lot of the music I've been listening to while illustrating and conceptualizing the story for "LOBO", and I think its only fair AND necessary that readers also have a chance to experience the story the way I have been.  

This playlist will be available via a link when digital rewards are sent out when the project is finished in November.  Till then, thanks again for your support everyone!